We reward 30 innovative initiatives from the students’ communities with Full Premium Access to Beirut Business Summit! All you have to do is create a concept of a marketing, architectural, legislative or financial strategy, product or a technology meant to improve or promote Lebanon.


We believe in a better future and we want to help as much as we can! That is why, we are rewarding 30 students with great initiatives to improve or promote Lebanon with Premium Full Access to Beirut Business Summit!


What would you do to improve the system and to improve life in Lebanon? What marketing strategy would you use to attract more foreign investments? What technology would you implement to increase the productivity? What would you do to make youth stay in Lebanon?


You decide the industry or the field, but remember, it has to be feasible!


Feeling inspired? Send us your proposal on contact@beirutbusinessummit.com with your name, phone number and University! To make it fair, comment the post on Facebook! The deadline for registration is 19th of June and the winners will be announced on the 20th of June!


The two Universities that have the highest number of winning ideas will receive a 9 sqm space at Beirut Business Summit, held at Beirut Business Summit, between 26-29th of June 2019!


Are you a student or a graduate? Win a Premium Full Access at Beirut Business Summit! 
03 June 2019

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