Day 1 – 26th of June 2019


How to turn Disruption into opportunities

Disruptive Innovation Trends

The post-digital Era is upon us

Leading in the New

Resolutions for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Reimagining Work, Workforce, Workplace 

Application of Machine Learning in Business 

AI vs Blockchain

The current state of Blockchain


Special Guest: Sophia - the robot

Day 2– 27th of June 2019


Smart Cities

Fueling Big Cities

Smart Cities, Public Safety and Disaster Preparedness/Recovery

Trends Reshaping the Future of Mobility and Connectivity

Advanced Technologies Enabling the Future Customer Experience

Creating Seamlessly Integrated, Connected Mobility Operating Systems

Securing the Future of Mobility and Connectivity

It Takes a Village: Building Smart Communities

Special Guest: Adam Greenfield

Day 3 – 28th of June 2019


Financial Inclusion and Future of Banking

Innovation at the Heart of  FinTech

Doing More: How Does FinTech Contribute to Financial Inclusion?

Re-thinking the Globally Unbanked

Partnering for Impact

Re-designing Regulation

A Visible Milestone? The End of the Unbanked

Inclusive Insurance for Emerging Markets – Coping with Climate Risk



Special Guest: Brett King

Day 4 – 29th of June 2019


Investing in Tomorrow`s Leaders Today

Best in Class: Inspiring the Next Generation of FinTech Talent

Forming multi-generational dream teams

Social learning: Connect. Share. Learn

Networking and career advancement strategies



Special Guest: Roger Harrop

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